Sunday, September 18, 2016


Didn't know there is an International day for celebrating chocolates. This reminded me of a colleague who called me 'choclaty' just because I ate too many chocolates back then.. for the fact of gaining weight. The weight part didn't happen but I remained eating more chocolates. This head-to-toe brown outfit is making me feel choclaty again. 
By the way, I can eat most of the chocolates including coconut and caramel mixed but for the obvious bitter reasons, I can't even attempt to eat dark chocolate. And I don't like coffee. Is it just me?

Belated happy Chocolate day, everyone! 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hanging clothes

Hanging clothes for line drying right on the streets of Venice. Not very unusual to spot in small cities of Europe. Reminds me of home laundry back in India :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What I Wore for an Indian House-warming in Summer - #CottonAnarkali

Spending summer in India has become a big trouble if you are living in one of those hottest regions.. especially in the South or the far North. I made my latest trip to India during summer unlike every time and it was just around 40 degrees Celsius.. yea, just 40. There are also places that reached 45.. so you can imagine!

Attending a traditional function in that sweltering heat is an absolute night mare! But it's been a while I attended these occasions (cons of living abroad) and I have been waiting to attend a traditional party. So when I received this house warming invitation from a cousin, I couldn't say no. But the next big question was WHAT TO WEAR.

My initial plan was to put on a saree but I immediately dropped that idea 2 days after landing in the city. Next came Anarkalis. They have become go-to outfits for Indian parties for few years now and that came to my rescue. There are innumerable styles and styles still coming up. They are very traditional, trendy, fancy and comfortable depending on the occasion to choose from. And they are ready-made. Well.. you don't have to spend time in designing it.

I had two options.. this black and white one and another one of neon. I really liked the neon one and dolled up myself with bright lipstick for which i got some ugly stares. And you can't ignore such stares when you get them from your mom. She is always right.. or at least your best critic! I wish people someday would treat neon as a beautiful color.

As it's a family function with just few close people, I went back to this simple cotton anarkali with full sleeves. It has fine parsley prints with an antique neck design. The top part has a vest-like look tied up with crochet balls. I thought the sleeves would make me uncomfortable but they actually helped me avoiding my skin from being exposed to sun and kept me cool. I paired it with a plain dupatta on the side, an antique neck piece and gold-ish heels. That's it!

I now don't regret of not wearing neon. I would have ended up looking like a florescent green zombie hurting people's eyes in that bright sunlight.

I don't know why some photographers don't even wait for a smile! :/


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tips to go Skiing

Coming back to blog-sphere after a long while, I realized that I missed to write this post after my previous one. The winter went off long ago and I couldn't go skiing last season due to some diversions. Now summer is almost skipping and I am here with a skiing post. Not new to me. I am someone who does many things late. Basically I am lazy. But now I decided to write it anyway as it could be useful to the other part of the world. So here I go..

Dress for the weather and purpose
This is the best and easiest thing to do. Put on the right clothes. The weather may sometimes vary a lot once you start skiing. but feeling warmer is better than dying in cold. I always prefer putting on my ski wear - full thermals, ski trousers (NO to jeans), jacket, wollen socks, gloves, ski cap, mask (optional). I also carry an extra pair of jacket (thinner one), socks and gloves, incase I need them post skiing to avoid dampness. I add/remove my top layers based on the weather conditions.

Choose right equipment
This is another important thing. Without this, nothing works well. Make sure you are using the right sizes of shoes, skies, poles and helmet. If you are unsure, for the first time you can rent them at the ski-centre. They will help you decide the right ones. I did that a couple of times before I got my own equipment.

Get fit
As much as it is fun, skiing is hard work too. But trust me, the hard work cannot beat the fun you will have. And being fit never harmed anyone in anyway. Workout a bit in advance so you don't feel easily tired and can have more fun than pain.

Protect your skin
Use a sunscreen even when the weather is not sunny. You never know, Sun God might just peep out once you are on the top of the mountain and you don't want to ruin your skin because of a fun activity. SPF 30 works. I prefer SPF 50 as I have very sensitive skin.

Don't forget the goggles
Sports glasses work. Personally, I like skiing goggles as they are big and could be fit to the helmet to avoid them from falling. Also covers most of my face protecting from sun.

Ski lessons
Its recommendable to take quick 45mins - 1hour lessons from an expert. It might sound and look easy but having some tips help.

Warm up
If you are a beginner, don't be embarrassed to start from the kid's slope. It's a good warm up to do few times before you dash out to the sloppy slopes.

Eat well, drink well
This is another important thing. As it is said - It's no fun on an empty stomach!
Eat/drink good enough before like you do before a workout. Also prefer eating every 2hours. I like having some hot or warm food.. like for example, imagine having a hot dog or a hot chocolate after being out in snow. Heaven!

Last but not the least, Never give up!
There will be a lot of falling and getting up. There will be kids skiing around easily while you fall and sit there and wonder what you have been doing in life till now without learning to ski. Almost every adult feels that way. Remember to take it easy, embarrass yourself but never give up!

Let me know your tips in the comments below.

Happy Skiing! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Skiing in Sirdal: Stavanger, Norway

Sports were never my piece of cake after school and college and until I moved to Norway. There is always something to do in Norwegian winters. As the weather is crazy many some times, people tend to do something.. anything and everything. And I love it. They do what not - skiing, snow-boarding, ice skating {on frozen lakes}, ice hockey, curling etc. I think this post is more appropriate after knowing about Norway winters.

Skiing is one of the best and fun winter sports I have come across. It totally sounded scary to me. Who would like to slide off a huge slippery snow mountain with boots heavier than your legs and long logs of iron tied up to your boots which will give you an easy fall and can fracture any part of your body. Because of this, people scared of heights go for cross country skiing. But if you ask me, down hill is more fun than cross country. 

The first time I tried skiing was in New Hampshire, USA which ofcourse was just falling and laughing at others. That's what I remember. Now I can say I am much improved.. apart from laughing part. I go skiing with much confidence now. 

The nearest place for skiing from Stavanger is Sirdal, which is about 3 hours of drive. The ski bus is preferred by many if you have your own skis and can't drive. The way from Stavanger to Sirdal has also fabulous scenic views. If you would like to have pit stops on the way, car is most preferable. As I remember, there are 3 different ski slopes you could choose from. You have training centres at all these slopes for skiing as well as for snowboarding.

Useful links:

Usually I don't like taking pictures as I enjoy skiing more than anything. And also I wouldn't like damaging/losing my camera or mobile which in many cases happen.

Now look at the kid in red - as they say 'Norwegians are born with skis' :)
I feel so ashamed and embarrassed when these kids pass me while I struggle to get myself up with twisted legs.

I looove the slope on the left.. not too steepy, not flat

This is the kids slope where I usually start from.. every single season. The hate part here is going to the top dragging ourselves with the rope along with the kids.

I suppose that's a frozen lake covered with snow.

And that's me unrecognisable with ski goggles covering most of my face. It protects eyes and face from sun though.

Being tired and walking back.

Have fun skiing guys!

~Pria :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

World Lion Day

"Saving the King of Beasts to Save Ourselves" 

Started in 2013, August 10th is celebrated as the world's Lion day to raise much needed conservation awareness for the 'Vulnerable' African lion and 'Endangered' Asiatic lion. 

Dedicating this post to Cecil, 13 year old male lion from Zimbabwe, which was a major attraction at Hwange National Park and unfortunately been recently killed by a hunter. RiP 'The King' of wildlife.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa

Saturday, July 25, 2015

That Summery Feeling

The hardest truth you hear when in Norway is - there are very few summer days you can count on in this country the whole year. Read it as - there is no REAL summer. I almost forgot the fact that summer is supposed to be hot.. really hot like back in India or Texas - the places I lived previously. While the whole world is facing the global warming this year, we are having the cold, windy and rainy summer. 

Weather is the only thing you talk about in your first year in Norway. The next year? Well.. you are already used to it and start loving the place! :)

So, we, living in Norway, pretend the summer to be hot and buy summer clothes only to wear them for pictures and then wrap up ourselves in warm jackets. The only time you realize the summer is seeing the greenery, and colorful clothes flowers around. I think I am one of those few people who like to wear colors to match the flowers and the super market walls.


I know too many pictures. But one last one because that's my favorite :=))

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